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For over 25 years, IdeaPoint has delivered tailored, cost-effective multistore management solutions. We’re the trusted partner for independent banner businesses and corporate groups with 20 to over 1000 locations.

Our focus: empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology for
streamlined operations and unparalleled efficiency.

SmartBanner™ Management

Independent and corporate banner management systems.
Fully understand every level of your business.

Quickly analyze data and streamline innovation.

Vertical Specializations 

At IdeaPoint, our tailored solutions cater to diverse industries, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance across various verticals.



Streamlined management and compliance solutions for pharmacies, enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.


Customized systems for furniture retailers, optimizing inventory and sales management while providing a seamless customer experience.


Tailored solutions to manage floristry businesses efficiently, from inventory control to specialized customer engagement.


Precise tools for geological enterprises, facilitating data management and analysis crucial for exploration and research.


Specialized E-commerce platforms for multi-location businesses, providing flexibility and adaptability for diverse retail environments.

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Products & Services

SmartBanner™ Independent and Corporate Banner Management Systems →

Designed for medium to large banner groups with an emphasis on the entrepreneurial strengths of independent retailers.

SmartBanner™ Enterprise E-Commerce →

E-commerce solutions for groups of stores that require flexible store mixes, store or region-specific retail pricing, and flexible promotional discounts.


SmartBanner™ Central Loyalty and Gift Card Systems →

Complete end to end loyalty solutions. Collect and effectively utilizing loyalty information.


AI Integration and Consulting Services →

Seamlessly integrate many software solutions together with AI integrations or consulting services.

SmartBanner™ Multi-Store Management →

The perfect solution for owners of multiple stores or small to medium size retail organizations that want to share management resources.

SmartBanner™ Business Intelligence →

Fully understand every level of your business: consolidate, integrate, measure, and analyze.

SmartBanner™ Enterprise Portals →

Leverage the Internet to link your internal resources and assets and effectively communicate across your entire organization.

SmartBanner™ Integrations →

Integrate the software you are using with SmartBanner™ technologies.

About Us

Developing multistore solutions for over 25 years

With over 25 years of expertise, IdeaPoint has pioneered and perfected multi-store solutions. Our journey of continuous innovation and industry insight ensures tailored, robust tools for seamless enterprise management, empowering businesses across diverse sectors to thrive.