IdeaPoint AI & Consulting Services

AI integrations and consulting services at IdeaPoint cover a wide range, seamlessly blending diverse technologies into software while offering expertise in Large Language Model integration, custom AI solutions, and robust security management.

IdeaPoint’s Expertise in AI Integration

Our scientific team at IdeaPoint boasts a wealth of experience in diverse AI technologies. We apply this practical knowledge to enrich our software solutions. In recognition of the ever-evolving AI landscape, IdeaPoint not only utilizes AI technologies but also prioritizes future-proofing software systems, ensuring seamless integration with emerging AI solutions as they become available.


Our scientific team holds extensive experience in diverse AI technologies.


IdeaPoint will seemlessly integrate into your software and emerging AI solutions.

Future Proof

We put the focus on future-proofing software systems with AI solutions of tomorrow.


IdeaPoint’s AI Consulting Services

In addition to our software solutions, IdeaPoint offers comprehensive consulting services to businesses seeking to harness the power of AI in both short-term and long-term strategies. Our expertise encompasses:

Integrated LLMs in Existing Software Solutions

Enhance your software capabilities by seamlessly integrating AI Large Language Models.

Customized Fine-Tuning of LLMs

Achieve optimal performance by fine-tuning Large Language Models with customized data.

Creation of Custom AI Agents

Tailor your AI capabilities with custom-designed artificial intelligence agents.

Transformation of Conventional Data for AI Readiness

Optimize your data for AI applications by transforming it into AI-ready formats and implementing practical vector databases.

Tailor-Made AI Models from Scratch

Experience bespoke artificial intelligence solutions crafted from the ground up to meet your unique needs.

Local Server Hosting for Fine-Tuned Open Source Models

Ensure optimal performance and control with local server hosting for fine-tuned open-source AI models.

Evaluation and Management of AI Security Concerns

Safeguard your AI infrastructure with expert evaluation and proactive management of security concerns.

Development and Implementation of Multi-Agent AI Frameworks

Explore the potential of multi-agent AI frameworks through expert development and seamless implementation.