SmartBanner™ Multi-Store Management

The perfect solution for owners of multiple stores or small to medium size retail organizations that want to share management resources.


Centralized Operations Management

Effortlessly manage your retail operations with centralized tools for category and item maintenance, zone pricing, wholesale integration, and real-time POS integration. Ensure consistency and efficiency across all your stores while gaining valuable insights into your business.

Scalable Solutions for Growth

Expand your business confidently with multi-region and multi-banner support. Our platform provides the flexibility and scalability you need to manage operations across different states or countries, as well as multiple banners or brands under one platform.

Optimized Merchandising

Enhance your merchandising strategy with our planogram management tools. Maximize sales and improve the customer experience by strategically positioning your products for maximum visibility and impact.



Streamline Your Retail Operations with IdeaPoint’s Multi-Store Management Solution. Our comprehensive platform is designed to empower businesses with multiple locations, offering a suite of powerful tools to optimize efficiency, maximize profitability, and drive growth.

Zone Pricing

Tailor your pricing strategies to different geographic regions for optimized profitability.

Wholesale Integration

Seamlessly incorporate wholesale suppliers into your inventory management processes for streamlined procurement.

Nightly and Real-Time Integration with POS

Gain timely insights into your retail operations through seamless integration with your Point of Sale system.

Multi Banner Support

Manage multiple banners or brands under one platform, ensuring consistency and efficiency across all your brands.

Multi Region Support

Expand your business confidently with support for managing operations across different geographic regions.

Planogram Management

Enhance your store layout and product placement strategies for improved sales performance and customer experience.

Purchase Order Management

Automate and streamline your procurement processes with advanced purchase order management capabilities. Generate purchase orders automatically to support promotions or on-demand as needed.

Web-Based Ordering Application

Facilitate seasonal bookings and promotions through a user-friendly web-based ordering application.

Dead Stock Monitoring and Clearance

Identify and manage dead stock efficiently to minimize losses and optimize inventory turnover.

Push Calculated Purchase Order to Support Promotions

Automatically generate and push purchase orders to support promotional activities, ensuring adequate inventory levels.

Built-In Exports for Workflow Optimization

Export data seamlessly to support workflow optimization and enhance operational efficiency.

Promotion Distribution and Support

Distribute promotions to individual stores or groups of stores, supporting targeted marketing efforts.

Aggregate Reports Via Workflow Buckets and Business Intelligence Reporting

Access comprehensive reports and analytics via workflow buckets and business intelligence reporting tools, gaining valuable insights into business performance.

Real-Time Dashboard to Monitor High-Level KPIs

Monitor key performance indicators in real-time through a centralized dashboard, enabling informed decision-making.

Item and Promotional Information Delivery

Send item and promotional information to stores nightly or on-demand, supporting operational needs and marketing initiatives.